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@mariadecastro wrote:

Why do you say that you will be able to rent just long-term? I cannot see why not for holidays. There are no specific legal requirements for a holiday house in Andalucia right now.

I wonder why you said that…????


because the OVP travel brochure features luxury style holiday accomodation on a holiday complex with own pool and in private gated grounds and this what customers will be expecting. when you get there it is completely different from the pictures published in their travel brochure which shows a pool planted garden around and holiday goers sunbathing all of which is adjacent to our building and withing the same grounds. actually the pool is fenced off and diect access can only be made from adjacent two blocks of apartments which are residential. to acces the pool from our apartment block you need to exit out of the front of the block onto the main road walk around the back past the public park (which they have created at the back of our block) and use a key to access the pool area. not ideal for family holidays. the pool has no planting or rass around just paving and is very ugly. as this is a communial pool for the area and to be shared bedtween apprx 150 apartments approx 100 of which are local residents I doubt it will be the holiday people would have planned. the pool was meant to be for 45 apartments only.