Reply To: Is it so bad



Mike and Shakeel
Think we are seeing a simple comment taking right out of context and is often the danger of email communications.
I am sure that Mike’s mentioning a young lads comments were rather a simple fact that he was just trying to draw comparisons to murders, rapes gun crimes, stabbings and to this countries fast declining moral standards.
I am English and at times I am ashamed to say so when some wish to take this I am British and can do what I want attitude in other people’s countries and I would probably have agreed with the infant..
This surely is something that you do not need argue about, the fact is that this country is loosing the very people it needs to keep as just perhaps they can accept someone kid saying that they don’t like the English rather than have their child shot as is evident in the recent news.
Agree to disagree guys as there are no winners or losers here