Reply To: Is it so bad


Certainly I wouldnt and did not say Spain was crime free – far from it. There are shootings (mainly drug gang orientated), rapes, robberies, domestic murders, beatings and the rest

I am not so naive to think it is all roasy and unlike some tourists, not so daft to go out and leave my home unlocked with windows open.

However, I do feel safer, in all the time I have been here I have not felt or indeed been threatened in the slightest.

Youngsters out and about are not abusive, but friendly and smiley. If you have to ask them to be a bit quiet or to not kick a ball around, they apologize, smile and move on, not abuse and swear and gesticulate.

I am sure there are places, many of them in the UK which are safe etc. I lived from a small village in Kent, to the centre of London, then the midlans and then in Hartlepool – I have some experience and felt that over the years things were getting worse.

People dont like success and wealth, nice cars are targetted and keyed as this is now the mentality – if I havent got it, then Im taking it from you!

Yes the shooting of an 11 year old got ontpo the paper as it was ‘unusual’ but then a few weeks ago a 16 year old was shot and others have been a well.

Each to their own I guess, its a free world – allegedly