Reply To: Viva Downfall

Fuengi (Andrew)

Hi all,

although i’m no fan of viva, the closure of the those offices makes a certain sense. When they were opened, they were following the fashion trends. Off-plan craze, inland craze, etc…
They are generally offices in pretty inaccesible locations or have poor parking. But this was acceptable when most of their clients were being dragged over on viewing/inspection/discovery trips.
Now with the changes in the market, the offices are probably becoming money drainers. ESPECIALLY if they open that monstrosity of an office on the way up to Mijas Pueblo. From that office they should be able to centralise and relocate their business and staff.

Notice the offices that can get good passing trade are staying open? Benalmadena/torremolinos/fuengirola, etc..

Hell I’ve even seen viva marketing in Spanish 😯 They actually start to realise the of the spanish buy properties….