Reply To: Sevillana Endesa Investigation needed



Well would you believe it, I have had a reply from one of the Endesa offices (the one that had the escritura and nie’s in March). He effectively says that there is no private agreement between Endesa and anyone, plus it is illegal to pay a neighbour for electricity the way we are being asked to. He also stated that this is a known situation around Albox.

I have a few points to clarify with him but maybe bombarding him and Endesa in Madrid with emails has done the trick. He seems to have copied in his response to them, so I think I’ll thank him very much and do the same when I reply.

He confirmed that until we get the legalities surrounding our property sorted we cannot have a contract, but we knew this. At least it feels like I am finally making some progress, no matter how small AND I have it in black and white. Whoopee ❗