Reply To: Sevillana Endesa Investigation needed



Hi Katy,

Yes, I am aware that they cannot give me a contract on the property as yet, due to lack of LFO. The problem is that we need to know if the supply we had been receiving was legal or not.
I had been told that if it is illegal we could face a fine as the registered owner of the property. We cannot afford this.
At the end of the day, if we can get the local situation legalised we can get a contract, but we need to know the situation now. The poles are there, the meters there. The developer is claiming it is his electricity and can charge us anything. I want to fight this from a position of knowledge.
We are unable to pursue the developer as we do not trust the Spanish legal system- they are very buyer beware! Plus we did not know at the time of buying that we could view the PGOU and check it was not really urban land as stated in the Catastral record. We have been told that as this info was in the public domain at the time, it was our responsibility to double check it, ie not rely on the lawyer to say it was perfectly legal, which most rational legal systems allow for!
This kind of 50:50 risk we cannot take at the moment.

I would have thought it was in Endesa’s interest to know if anyone was taking money for their electricity and not passing it on to them. I couldn’t imagine SEB/Powergen who ever, putting up with this – their shareholders would be being cheated. But then again this is Spain – logic doesn’t come into it.