Reply To: Re : Court cases



“yes, there is a law” – Thank God for that. People are prepared to accept there is a law. There are many laws in UK which many use tactics to skirt around for their befefit.
Heard about the retrospective planning for a 10.000 sm store which was built in UK without planning?
Heard about the drink driver cleared on a technicality?
“arrogant attitude” – No, just straight talking and fed up with some of the stories of tears, when own stupidity or lack of responsibility comes into it.
“Think I will agree that I was one of the stupid ones” _ that the case I sympathise and hope you get compensation. Just please don’t all blame the Government, Laws, Developes, Solicitors, etc., Everyone had a choice to say no, walk away, or employ their own advisors.
Some, rather that accept responsibility in part, want to blame everymay and his dog and the dog’s bone, if they could.
Two sides to every story.