Reply To: Re : Court cases


I may regret this 😕 , but I felt the need to reply to paulandlyn’s message.

Just to say at the start that my involvement in the Spanish property market is that I have a piece of land in the north of Spain. I have never been involved in buying property in the south.

However, as far as I can make out, people on this forum are unhappy not because they didn’t make an easy buck, but rather because the contracts they had made were not fulfilled. If I buy a tin in Tesco’s and it says baked beans on the outside then I expect a full portion of baked beans on the inside. In exactly the same way if somebody signs a contract for a legal 90m2 apartment completed by a certain date then they should expect to receive that. If they don’t (or the tin of beans actually contains dog food) then they should expect recourse to, and the support of, the law. Of course the buyer should take care but ultimately it is the law (and contract) breaker who should be punished. Tesco can’t tell me “buyer beware” and tell me to get lost. We have moved on since 1000 years ago and now have consumer law to protect buyers.

Even if I had been careless or naive, what does it matter if the other party has acted illegally? It may be stupid to walk around with a large amount of cash but if you are robbed then you should still expect the help of the police.

Sure, if this was Somalia, Iraq or some other lawless place then perhaps it would be less surprising that such things happen. However, we are talking about a long standing member of the European Union and we should be able to expect the law to be upheld. To suggest that people are stupid to complain about corruption and the lack of enforcement of the law is unfair.

As a final point, what does it matter that it is “only” 1000 people (although the real figure is likely to be much more). For these 1000 it is a heartbreaking situation.