Reply To: Buying in Valencia – coastal opinions


I can only speak for myself. Had one booking this year and 3 last year. I guaged my booking tariff from others that advertise – like for like – so I’m not charging the earth. I’m sorry to put you off, you just have to look at web sites offering rental properties to see how many there are on the Costa del Azahar or North Costa Blanca. Google “holiday rental property wherever” etc. and don’t forget, you pay tax on your rentals!!!

You have to pay a wealth tax every year, which I knew about, and our Solicitor who dealt with our sale actually emailed me to remind me that next time I was in Spain to call in. I didn’t actually go to Spain myself, but gave him permission to take the amount out of my bank (not in writing by the way) And he did. Its not like the UK, where you need ID etc. Its a small place and bank managers and solicitors etc. know each other. I was happy about the transaction as I didn’t want to owe any money. However, I asked a number of people in our small town whether they knew about the wealth tax, some people did but never paid it and some didn’t know about it at all. You get caught in the end so may as well cough up.

You just have to work it out for yourself, flights (not cheap any more) car hire (£100 per week) and then your rental. Plus whatever for food or eating out. You might as well get a package. We are only 5kms from a city and beach – not sure whether it will make any difference. My place hasn’t a pool but there is one hell of a pool just 5kms away !

By the way, Valencia is a city that is up and coming to rival Barcelona. We have another Americas Cup on the way, Bernie Eccleston has permission for F1 round the city and there is a Tennis Championship and Indoor Athletics Championships to boost tourist figures. Jet2 obviously hasn’t seen the light yet as they cease flights in the winter, however good old Ryanair has anounced that they are to commence flights into Valencia soon.

You comments about greenery, I don’t think you could get any greener than the Costa delAzahar with all the orange groves which are unfortunately disappearing to have houses and urbanisations built on them. The amount of money the farmers get for their oranges (I think it was something like .67€ per kilo) who would blame them.

Yep, I would right down to the CDL if I was you not so much building going on there and you will get a foot hold earlier !!!