Reply To: Looking to buy around El Rompido, Punta Umbria and Portil



We often spend a few days on the CDL. Like the area and we did have a look at property a few years ago. What we did find is that to get a comparable villa to the one we have now and a similar situation, property prices were about the same. It does seem like the real Spain (if there is such a thing 🙄 ) but some areas are rapidly becoming like the CDS. Love puerto de Santa María but the paseo area is miles of faceless apartments most of them which seem empty out of season. An Aunt has bought at Ayamonte and sadly it seems a bit like the fish and chips brigade to me. Everyone says that the wind is a problem but have to say haven’t noticed it when I have been in the area. Cadiz is great but wouldn’t like to live in a city and the roads around are like málaga.