Reply To: Looking to buy around El Rompido, Punta Umbria and Portil



I think for 50,000 euros I would have laughed too! The prices are only 30% cheaper, not 80!!

But anyway, I imaging people who want the CDL do so for a lifestyle choice rather than because it is cheaper.

Like you say, most people who go to the Costa del Sol do so because they like their fish and chips, karaoke and never plan to speak Spanish. Most people who go the the CDL hate all of these things, and consider it a bonus that the property is cheaper there.

This would be my case anyway. If prices dropped on the CDS by 80% tomorrow, I still wouldn’t buy there. It’s a lifestyle thing.

50,000€ five times the average wage?? Assuming the average wage is a mileurista that would mean 1000 euros a month x 14 months (don’t forget there are fourteen months in Spain) = 14000 euros per year before taxes. Add on the taxes and that is about 18000 euros gross pay. Lower than in the Uk, yes, but not as low as your quote.