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Thanks for both your replies hillybilly and shakeel,
This will be our third visit within the last twelve months the last being only a month ago, we have narrowed our search down to about five properties in a Village that we really like.
I have the name of a Spanish English speaking solicitor and were her office is roughly located in the area, who has been recommended to me by someone on this Forum, but I can’t track down her Phone number so I will have to make that my first priority when I get there.
The trouble is good Village Houses and small Cortijos in this area dont stay on the market for long, we want to have a house to use as a holiday home for a few years with a view to moving out permanently later.
It was the fact that I can’t spend to long there this time, that I wanted some protection re any holding Deposit charged by the estate Agent.
Thanks for the advice about businesses in August.
Chris Williams.