Reply To: Large Solar Farms planned for Murcia



I am very sceptical at the figures quoted for production in the links for production of electricity you post. The second article states that a 100MW system will produce 36GWh per year, thats an incredibly efficient solar panel producing nearly 150 times the annual production of a normal photvoltaic panel.

A 100KW system will produce on average between 210,000 KWh per year and 250,000 (in very good regions) KWh per year therefore for 100MW will produce 250MWh per year – so these magic panels produce some 144 times more electricity than normal panels. I want ten of these in my garden (well I would if I had a garden)

Are these the same people that claim the complex will have 13 swimming pools and leave you with one and a 40M terrace when in fact it is a 4m one.

Oh no the developers are already in on the game