Reply To: Buying resale as opposed to new


We want to buy in the next few months so that we are settled for Spring next year. We want the apartment primarily as a holiday home for us and our family, any extra rental incomes would be a bonus and not a necessity.

It would be a good opportunity for us to make frequent visits to the area and find areas that we would want to settle when we finally make the move, much better than being in the situation of having to find somewhere fast. It also means that when we come to move, we don’t have to wait to sell our house in the UK and can take our time with the transition.

The company I work for has a presence in the Murcia area, so if a job should come along at an opportune time, it would also enable me to take advantage of that.

There are many pluses and also minuses to our buying a Spanish property, all of which we need to address fully before committing.