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@paulandlyn wrote:

You don’t say what time you arrive on Thursday

We arrive in Murcia at 21.30 Thursday evening.

@paulandlyn wrote:

Inspection trips have been arranged this way for years and the agents will be past masters at making sure you don’t get the chance to view / buy elsewhere! And the “lunch” will probably get bought by the agent at a Tapas Bar on the outskirts of the area as “the next one we are going to see is this way as well!”

It may well be that after discussions with our rep on the way to the hotel we decide to pay for our stay and go independent. The agent has already told us there is nothing in our price range, so really we are wasting each others time.

@heatherpsk wrote:

Having read what I have here, I would avoid an inspection trip…

Really think you would be better off having a holiday to the area, outside of July/ Aug (when things open for longer)

The intention is to come back in the October half term for a week and hire a car for ourselves.

@katy wrote:

Resale properties never look as good as the ones shown in a glossy brochure with slick wording and false promises. Problem is 2 years later you usually finish up with something less attractive than the ones you were looking at.

I personally would prefer a resale property, it has had time to settle and any faults to become apparent. Plus i’m tight and a lot of them come furnished :).

At the end of the day, we don’t wnt anything spectacular, but it has to be functional and fit the purpose. We just want a toe hold in the property market before moving in a few years time.