Reply To: Buying resale as opposed to new


Hi Mark,

Having read what I have here, I would avoid an inspection trip…

Really think you would be better off having a holiday to the area, outside of July/ Aug (when things open for longer) and spending some of that time looking in estate agents windows etc..or search the internet and email/ ring agents before planning a visit over here…you can rarely turn up and ask to view the same day as if the agent does not have the keys, the owner, owners mothers aunt, etc, the agent and you will all be there at once so thats a lot of people to get the agree to a time!!

Why not look at much older properties as well? Research different areas if you need your money to go a long way…use the web to help you. It sounds like you have time so don’t be pressured into anything, instead enjoy visiting Spain with house hunting the added cherry on the cake!

Good luck,