Reply To: Buying resale as opposed to new


Hi Mark

You don’t say what time you arrive on Thursday but don’t forget that agents do not open Saturday afternoons (if they open in the mornings) and a lot close in the afternoons July/August as well. A lot of the agents now tend not to Siesta, working more like a 10-6 basis Monday-Friday.

That is certainly true of the CDS

If you browse an agents window on a Friday evening, you are unlikely to get hold of an agent who would be prepared and able to show you any property on Saturday and Sunday.

Inspection trips have been arranged this way for years and the agents will be past masters at making sure you don’t get the chance to view / buy elsewhere! And the “lunch” will probably get bought by the agent at a Tapas Bar on the outskirts of the area as “the next one we are going to see is this way as well!”

Use your trip to gain ideas of the area and what may be available and return on a further visit under your own steam with more than 1 working day to browse.