Reply To: Buying a house costa blanca area, advice needed


GSB, Don’t worry about boring me or others, that was a very informative read ! 🙂 You are right in that i don’t have to buy now, i still have to start selling my house in Germany. This could take anywhere from 4 weeks to a year so planning is difficult.

However no need to rush, i could easily wait half a year before selling. The houses that are now for sale in the area that i am interested in in spain, will probably be still for sale by that time. I do know how to calculate the building costs of a property, and found that most of them in altea/javea are overpriced by at least 200k and that’s without taking into account that the land is also overpriced.

Just for fun : Square meter price here, Emsland area, in a good town is about 80 euro, houses are about 950 euro per square meter inside space inclusive everything except the kitchen. Free unlimited boredom included 😉