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Here’s a couple more that may be of use.

(Ctrl C = copy on a pc, Ctrl V = paste, apologies if you already knew)

I’ve just tried the GoogleTranslator on this web page and it appears to work nicely (I don’t speak Spanish though)

Copy this link: (without the ” ‘ “) ‘’
(which is this particular page but without the ‘http://’ part in front of the link)

and then paste it into the “translate a webpage box” immediately after the ‘http://’ bit you see in the box on this website:

The whole link should appear like this: ‘’

You should then see this whole page appear but in Spanish when you press “Translate”

Don’t forget to first select “English to Spanish” (!)

You could do the same for each of the pages on your website you’d like translated, saving each page to your computer as you do the translation.

There’s probably better (easier) ways to do this, I’ll keep looking.