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Have just received an email saying I may be contacted by a “respected Journalist” in Spain re SPSP. He is known by others who are involved in this fight for justice & is well spoken of. As & when I hear from him I will make it a point to highlight this disgrace of counter-suing on illegal properties.

Will keep you all fully informed 8)

This is brilliant news, Suzanne. Any exposure from the Spanish press with regards to the petition and these injustices can only be good. Hopefully this journalist is prepared to open the proverbial can of worms, and other journalists/publications will follow.

Counter-suing on illegal builds is a disgrace, as is allowing automatic appeals when a judge has already ruled on a clear breach of contract as per the law – for example in a no-build-at-all situation! Also allowing court cases to be delayed for half a year or more just because a witness ‘can’t be located’ by the developer’s lawyer, and allowing the so-called ‘argument’ that purchasers should complete (regardless of no legal b/l or LFO incidentally) because they are ‘only investers/not consumers’ etc.
These are all ridiculous and shameful delay-tactics to avoid returning purchasers’ monies and is happening more and more frequently – it’s almost like some of these developers’ lawyers got together over dinner one night and cooked them all up.
It’s also time the Colegio de Abogados started acting like one, and that REA’s are regulated.

If this journalist could get the ball rolling with the Spanish press, a great stride will have been taken to help put pressure for change and hopefully for justice to be served in the courts.

How great it would be if the Spanish started signing up to the SPSP as a result of an article.
Maybe you’ll have to create another one Suzanne…… in Spanish. 😯 😀