Reply To: More arrested!


Katy and Goodstich – I don’t know if you are old enough to remember the days when even a whiff of scandal was enough for anyone in public office to bow down gracefully in shame, but I certainly am.

It is endemic now amongst politicians etc. where a scandal questioning their honesty means diddly doo doos – it’s just a case of carry on regardless. And I am not just talking of Spain now. Peter Mandelson, lying on his mortgage application among other things, is a prime example – just look at him now, representing us all in Europe!

Mayor Juan Martín Serón, the 100,000 euro bail one, even had the gall to demonstrate outside the court yesterday in support of the ‘ones inside’. I know – innocent until proven guilty, but surely some code of behaviour is required in these situations. I wonder if this is a case of ‘those who protest the loudest…..’?