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Hi Katy et al,
Yes many prices have been reduced already, but we were told that even so we could still put in lower offers. Some friends of ours that we met up with in Spain have just sold their town house in the “old town” of Frigiliana and has decided to sell their home in England too. That sold in 24 hours to a cash buyer! They are desperate to buy something as they have to move out of their town house 25th July. So they put an offer in on a property in the “campo” (legal) of 30% less than the asking price and it was accepted!! They also put an offer in on a fabulous old property, in fantastic condition, and an offer of approx 20% below the asking price was accepted but the owner wanted part payment in a brown envelope! We told them it was best not to even think about it! The owner is English, moving back to the UK. There are a lot of empty new builds too.

We went to visit Green Hills and although this time we could not get in we were able to see the gardens/pools. It has matured well and looks very nice at the front of the development. There were just 4 people around one pool and 6 cars in total parked around the development. The back of the development is not so well cared for. Sparsely planted and two dead palm trees. It is not very well tended at all. Only a few apartments are lived in. A great shame as the area is wonderful. We also looked at Santa Maria Village. Now that was ghostly.

Apart from the jelly fish in the sea, we really had a wonderful holiday in Spain. We by chance went into Marbella the day of the fiesta. We had the best meal in the old square. Sitting here on a rainy day in England…I know where I would rather be!!

Suzanne, as promised we signed nothing!! 😉