Reply To: ACTION !!!


I agree Katy, & the more people we can reach in England via leaflets, articles, media exposure the more will be alerted to the widespread crooks & dodgy agents.

But I really believe that the corrupt lawyers are at the crux of the problem. Eg: So many people have not been given Bank Guarantees for their purchase & when they find out that it’s their Lawful Right to have one & ask their lawyer why they do not have a BG, they are often told “because you didn’t pay for it” etc. Instead of these lawyers alerting their clients to abusive clauses in their Contracts, they allow them to sign without warning.

Dodgy Developers without Crooked Lawyers is like fish without chips; where most people would walk away, go elsewhere and get the Real Thing. The ‘Lawyer Complaints’ document continues to grow & I’m working hard to make sure this is presented to the relevant authorities. Instead of having individual complaints sent to the Colegio which seem to be continually filed in the rubbish bin, their superiors will have documented factual evidence which they will not be allowed to ignore.