Reply To: ACTION !!!


Thank you Maria.
Would you say they are a tiger with ‘teeth’ or are they more of a paper tiger, like the Colegio de Abogados?
I ask because we, and some others from our development, are considering contacting them about our bank’s behaviour in not honouring Bank Guarantees when there has been a clear breach of contract (no legal documents in place, property years overdue, etc.).
They are obliging holders of these guarantees to take them to court – then when the judge rules they must pay, they simply automatically appeal despite not having anything to appeal about. You know the stories.
They even appealed against the judge’s decision in our case when nothing had been built at all, which is ridiculous, and totally goes against the spirit of the law ‘ley57/68’ in our opinion.

We want to target our complaints at the right people (wish I could knock on the door of the Minister of Justice…!), and therefore ask if in your opinion, sending a complaint to Ausbanc is worthwhile.