Reply To: a star in re born.


“many of the people that have fallen foul of scum bag agent/developer/lawyers, did seek professional advice…….from prosessional liars sadly.”
Big mistake there then, relying on liars. Should have sought advice from Independent Lawyer and Surveyor, unless it is someon who knows all.

Back to the TV prog., and mayb worth questioning why they concentrated on the “Land Grab” and not hose that have been sold illegal properties.
But there, many now claim, as records show, they were aware that all was not right, but for the right price took the gamble.
The Land Grab, that is a sorry state which need sorting and all the help the Government can throw at it.

“I do try to ignore MG’s rants as they seem to be worthless”
Yeah, worthless information advising people to seek independent professional advice.

Why are so many caught out…..hmmmmm