Reply To: a star in re born.


GSB, the sooner you realise that there are some here, like everywhere, that believe it is only they that know the truth, the law, the facts, etc., Little wonder some have been conned, as some never seem to listen to the other side of the story.
On this thread alone, there is the “I think the production team are mainly interested in coming over for a jaunt.”, then “TM not wanting to embarrass the Spanish authorities”, also “Sadly even Mark, did not say anything on the subject not even in passing.” onto, “As usual it was a very disappointing load of old rubbish” wait for it, “so I don’t understand why you keep banging on about the fact they are different.
I KNOW” and all these comments coming from people who have been duped.
You see, it is everyone else who seems to be in the wrong.
To those out there thinking of buying off-plan, read, listen, learn and seek professional advice.