Reply To: Re: Capital Gains tax


One more thing. I recently sold m house in Oliva (2 weeks ago) and a non resident (just didn’t get round to it) I had the 3% retention kept back as is normal. Ordinarily I would expect to write this off as it is normally nigh on impossible to do so. However I received a call from my solicitor today who told me that he has successfully claimed on behalf of 4 clients the money back from the hacienda and in less than 3 months.

I will be claiming it back because my lawyer is a very good friend whom I trust implicitly and it gives me hope )I actually sold the house for the same as I bought it for in the end so I didn’t make anything – in fact lost on the deal)

But it gives hope to all that if you have had 3% retained that you can get it back with the right peple working on your behalf.

Good luck