Reply To: Pain in Spain


Paul, I guess you did not have a lawyer with you when purchasing your watch, that you had paid a vast sum of money to, who said ” Paul go ahead and buy the watch. Everything is in order!!”

Correct i did not have a lawyer as I thought i was getting something worth for more than i was paying when in fact it was less. Now i don’t believe in the free lunch or “free” inspection trips.

Any criticism or comment on this forum directed at those who may have been less that careful (or thought they where getting a free lunch) is considered a personal attack on all those who now find themselves in a position where they have paid more and are still waiting for their apartment. As yet i don’t think anyone here has actually lost their money, that is they have paid a deposit to a developer and the developer has made off with their money never to be seen again. Inconvenienced yes, took for a ride (for a free lunch) yes, sold something worth less than they thought it would be yes, waiting longer than they thought yes, and very cheesed off yes, but not lost their money.

I’ve just had lunch (not a free one) with a friend who bought at Los Lagos and is still waiting for the go ahead (from a Lawyer branded corrupt here) to sign as he has been told not to until a LFO is in place. He’s happy to wait and still looking forward to moving in, I’ve pointed him to this forum many times and he reads all that’s here yet he’s happy waiting.

I just feel all of this vitriol sometimes get in the way of clear advice and help to those who want to buy here in spain.

By the the £10 watch still works after 20 years.

Best regards as always to all from a very sunny Spain