Reply To: ACTION !!!


@Antibarney wrote:

As the Spanish are so fond of treating your problems as purely internal affairs and nothing to do with British or E.U. law, why not use their own laws against them?

By Petitioning the EU Commission we are using their own laws against them – Spain is part of the EU but is flouting its laws.

Instead of flogging a dead horse by taking a Developer, R.E.A. or Bank to Court why not sue the Adjuntament or Mayor or whoever else is responsible for gross negligence and breach of duty ?

Believe me, none of us are ‘flogging a dead horse’ 😡

Is this possible or just stupid ? 😳 Do any Spanish Law-firms operate on a no foal, no fee basis ? Just a thought and yes I have been drinking and still am as I write this.

Not sure whether you are being serious here or not ❓ RE: your final comment – it won’t go in the box 🙄 Sorry, I seem to have computeritis.