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‘European Court of Justice finds against Spain for illegal rubbish tips in Almería

The case followed a complaint lodged by the European Commission

The European Court of Justice has found Spain guilty of infringing European environmental legislation for three illegal rubbish tips in Almería province: they are in Níjar, Hoyo de Miguel and Cueva del Mojón.

It follows a complaint against Spain lodged by the European Commission regarding the tips.

The court rejected the Spanish authorities’ argument that there was no toxic or dangerous waste at any of the sites as not pertinent to the case.

The Junta de Andalucía’s environmental department for the province announced on Thursday that two of the illegal sites have already been closed down and that the other, in Cueva del Mojón, covers several plots of private land: its owners were fined, they said, and told to restore the local environment to its former state. They also have the option of setting up it up as a properly controlled tip and apply for necessary authorisation.

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If the European Commission can lodge a complaint re: illegal rubbish tips in Spain, they can certainly do so for illegal buildings on our behalf.

PLEASE, if you have not done so, take a few minutes out to write to Geoff Hoon, The Minister for Europe – contact details at beginning of this thread.