Reply To: Bribery scandal blows a hole in Britons’ Spanish home dreams


Melosine wrote:
My point being if a lawyer says don’t proceed because a build is illegal and this is then questioned on open forum plus the way the media has presented the problems Brits have only endorses the incompetence of some of the people.
Thereby anyone with a problem here, though deceit and fraud, is suspected of naivity.
Meanwhile the abuse by lawyers,promoters and developers in Spain are skimmed over…IMO…because most of the selling originates in UK …it’s all about revenue.

Melosine ,You are right of course there will always be people who are born stupid ,and stay stupid ,and well if you like will end up being taken for a ride at some stage ,in Spain of course you have vast numbers of people who will relieve them of their money ,no problem there,where I think the debate should be heading is about sentiment and confidence.These two factors are taken into account by economists and financiers ,when considering investments and recommendations,and in the world of money
sentiment is king ,regardless of the detail over where properties are promoted etc ,they are dealt with and concluded in Spain ,The Spainish authorities know what is going on and are best placed to resolve this situation .It therefore comes down to a matter of choice and political will ,do the authorities resolve this situation or not ?.Now we can discuss the semantics of the various issue’s till the cows come home,all the while the grains of time are falling through the hour glass.

I have already outlined a small impromptu survey of people’s opinion’s in respect of property buying in Spain, It was not good.The bigger picture here is that time is running out for the authorities to restore that all important confidence in the Spainish property market ,my wife who is German remarked the other day that it is common Knowlege in Germany that you have to excercise extreme caution when purchasing a property in Spain,the German media have made a point of warning potential buyers of the pitfalls (of buying in Spain), the same advice has been issued in Holland.

If allowed ,the erosion of confidence will result in buyers staying away ,Spain has experinced a brief but brutal property recession before,
Turn of the tap of inward investment ,and the picture looks bleak.The cost to the authorities of taking mature and statesman like lead in intervening now in order to resolve the issues/scandals ,would be the mark of a logical shrewd and capable goverment .Or they (the Govt) can continue to plod along and watch the situation decline,then the cost’s involved will be astonomical.Pride comes before a fall ,and this fall could be from a very great height indeed ,no matter who you are, you cannot beat the market