Reply To: Bribery scandal blows a hole in Britons’ Spanish home dreams


Melosine wrote:
You will have a wonderful trip on Orient Express Claire, but returning to original topic on a forum local to Albox someone has just posted asking if their lawyer is correct in that the development they have put a deposit on has no licence to build .
People are living on it already so is there really a problem đŸ˜¯

This, and former statement I highlighted, give sans credibility to those of us with genuine and, even with hindesight , totally unforeseen problems. Is it any wonder many think Brit’s leave their brains at the airport.
IMHO some forget to bring them in the first place.

Melosine,I agree that people need to be more circumspect with regards to purchasing property overseas, but being naive and trusting ,should not result in the whole sale abuse and fraud that has occured in the Spainish property market,the numbers of people involved is truly staggering,and will result in confidence dwindling to virtually nothing,if not dealt with correctly by the Spainish authorities.

Spain is in a unique position within Europe,being the most popular retirement destination,and increasingly the most favoured location for People seeking a life style change,whilst from time to time property scandles occur in northern European countries,these are nothing when compared to the pandemic scale of scandles now unravelling In Spain,a quick chat with locals here in Somerset brought forth an intriguing response,unprompted by me as I wanted to assess peoples genuine views, which were unanimously along the lines of ,nice country for a weeks holiday in the sun ,but none of them considered buying in Spain due to “all those proplems they have there” of course this is not a scientific survey,more of a general chat,interestingly when asked for specifics no one could outline any one major issue, more of a general opinion.

If left unchecked ,this overal view could prove to be far more devastating to the Spainish property market than anything seen thus far,Spain needs foreign investment ,if this starts to dimminish this could see a property led recession just as catastrophic as they one which occured in the UK during the 1990’s .