Reply To: Bribery scandal blows a hole in Britons’ Spanish home dreams



How’s this for REA bunkum –

“……And, unsurprisingly, estate agents are keen to calm nerves. Chris McCarthy of Viva Estates in Almeria says
“‘The problems are largely historical now. There are people with very real problems but I think that’s going to be resolved. This part of Spain is currently about the safest area to buy in because everybody now has to be extremely careful.”

The safest area to buy in? ……ok 🙄 🙄 🙄
Trying to calm nerves is one thing, but sheer utter bunkum is another.

Brian Marson, a British property law expert who moved to Marbella in 2003 and set up Legalanswers says “Unfortunately, when people get off their plane at Malaga, they’ve left their brain at Gatwick”.

Don’t you love this old coconut they keep churning out.
And what about many of your profession (lawyers) leaving their code of ethics and basic honesty in the bathroom, Brian?