Reply To: Building regulations and bedrooms in attic space


Many thanks for the link – I have had the dictionary out and have been trying to make sense of the guidelines! Appreciate all your help.

Like you I didn’t pick up specific guidelines covering what I was asking. However, it does appear that they recommend that there is always two exits. I also saw in ‘Sección SI 5 – Intervención de los bomberos’ mention of the access guidelines for fire brigade staff. It seems to suggest that each floor must provide openings and these opening cannot be more than 1.20m from the ground and the dimensions of the openings must be at least 0.80m in width and 1.20m in height.

Do you agree that I’m reading these correctly? If I am correct then I think that these guidelines would mean that the bedrooms do not offer acceptable fire escape points. Have you any idea when the above guidelines were introduced? Thanks again.