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@vbtudor wrote:

Just one point though – your website currently is ONLY appealing to those who have been affected (you ask for details of the complaint etc). Whilst this is great – there are others (like myself) who will happily lend support and make our own voices heard against such abuses – but it seems because we personally haven’t been affected we are excluded and therefore you are excluding a large proportion of people who would willingly help.

Many thanks Vince, & very good point.
As far as the main Petition goes it needs to have as many names as possible who are actually personally fighting for justice. This will make it more powerful to present.

But I do think that a ‘Petition of Support’ would also be great for people like you who are willing to contribute to, who are aware of the situation in Spain & know how individuals are being affected.

I will add this to the website. Many thanks again.