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Free Viagra for pensioners
May 17 (typically Spanish)

“Possibly the strangest election promise made so far.
The Partido Andalucista in the Córdoba town of Encinarejo has promised free Viagra to all pensioners if elected.
The party is however claiming that the policy is only to increase the birth rate in the rural municipality, according to the newspaper 20minutos”.

Err – hasn’t someone explained ‘the birds and the bees’ to this lot regarding a female pensioner’s ability to give birth ??? Unless they are condoning the old boys in Encinarejo ‘going forth’ and inseminating any young girl that is willing….

Was interested to read that back in February:
“Viagra worth 7,300 € has been stolen from a pharmacy in Marbella. Three types of drugs, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, all used for erectile dysfunction, were taken with 6,500 € in cash from the premises in the Calypso Commercial Centre”.

Am wondering if the ‘old girls’ from this town commited the crime during a hen-night out in Marbella, fed up with their husbands’ performance. 😀