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@mg wrote:

It is just like someone going to Japan to buy a car, not speaking the language and being shown the plans of a new model to be available in 2 years time, then asked to part with 30,000 without even knowing the financial background of who they are giving their money to.

mg – I love your constant attempt to draw a parallel, but come on – this one is a bit off the wall.
Firstly, if I went to Japan to buy for example a Toyota Landcruiser that was to be available in two years time – who would I be dealing with? A Toyota-appointed dealership who without doubt has been through rigorous checking on all areas by Toyota before being appointed, and like Spain where we bought – the sales people who I would be dealing with will speak fluent English. My (secondhand) landcruiser was bought this way direct from Japan by the original owner (an English judge!) with lots of unique spec. so had to wait 9 months – and he said the whole procedure was tied up beautifully by Toyota financial-wise so that there was no risk re. his deposit should they have been unable to deliver for whatever reason.
And let’s face it – Toyota are not going anywhere, especially not jail!

Come on, let’s have another one.