Reply To: Are Bank Guarantees worth the paper they’re written on?




very well put, how i hate this idea that just because a system has always worked in a corrupt way, that we should sort of accept it as being ‘Spain’
It’s just wrong whereever it is, and should be forced to change ASAP.

What about our situation though and many more who bought on some Aifos developments, we never even had a BG issued! Oceanview Properties recommended lawyers, assured us everthing was in place, and told us when we asked to see the BG, that we didn’t need one as our money with them was insured?, it was only 4 years after paying our deposit and many questions that they admitted that Aifos refused to issue a BG. So who is to blame?, the agents, the lawyers, the developers or all three.

Anyone else reading this that thinks we asked for it, don’t forget this all started 5 years ago, before the agent/lawyer/developer scam thing was common knowledge and most people thought recommended lawyers were to be trusted!