Reply To: It never rains til it pours


charlie wrote:
Considering you were recently asking questions about buying land and building a house, I do hope you are not planning to invest in property in Spain and therefore help price-out the locals from getting a foot on the ladder.
Or is it acceptable for a foreigner like yourself to invest in Spain, as long as you are not a (stupid) Brit?

There is a big difference between having real money( and using them to buy or build property) and using MEW money. I do the research and homework and never get into trouble with my purchases. Before purchasing I always know everything about the place, including the language, future developments and quite detailed prediction for future growth.

As opposed to me, many people go to property shows and leave deposits for off-plan in places they never heard about, in countries they do not speak the language. Why do they doi this? Because it is not their money but the bank’s money.

I hope I explained myself in good detail.

Abot “foot on the ladder” – this is really a funny expression people use in UK and explains the obsession with brick and mortar.