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@forestfire wrote:

I’m not sure I quite follow you mike. Are you suggesting that the newspapers should bury these nightmare stories because they rely on advertising revenue from the developers?

Hi, Forestfire, no I’m not suggesting that they bury these stories, I’m suggesting that they would be reluctant to spread negative stories about companies from whom they get advertising revenue. I understand that broadsheet readers are the typical target market for Spanish developers.

@forestfire wrote:

Don’t the newspapers have a reponsibility instead to their readers to expose the lies about “guaranteed rental income” that the developers make? By reporting factual accounts about what is going on in Spain, aren’t they safeguarding the man in the street from the propaganda pumped out by the developers and estate agents?

I agree that they do have that responsibility. Most of the articles I read prior to this year would at some point in the piece warn the investor that Spanish property investment does not always run smoothly and advise them to buy through an experienced, English speaking, estate agent.