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Ralita – as you obviously suffer from short-term memory loss, you may find the ‘Search’ button helplful.
When Claire asked, surprised at your attititude, whether you were an EA , you replied:

@ralita wrote:

What a great logic you have. Everybody who dislikes stupid Brits with their borrowed money is an EA , right?

…….meaning you are someone who dislikes stupid Brits with their borrowed money, but you are not an EA…..?

You also wrote:

@ralita wrote:

The only chance for professors at Univ. in Spain to buy anything is that these Brits are badly burned and they will need to sell at 50% of the price they paid.
I am keeping my fiongers crossed for that to happen as soon as possible.

Considering you were recently asking questions about buying land and building a house, I do hope you are not planning to invest in property in Spain and therefore help price-out the locals from getting a foot on the ladder.
Or is it acceptable for a foreigner like yourself to invest in Spain, as long as you are not a (stupid) Brit?