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without wishing to start a war – it really isnt my way – but the majority of your posts have derided Brits. Suzanne quotes but two examples of which there are many more

You quote

From the article it seemed that some people were trying to cheat on the system in Spain. And they happened to be Brits…

But the Spanish never ever do, nor do the Germans, Dutch, French or Italians or pretty much any other nationality. Yet you choose to single out the Brits yet again.

What problem do you see with my message? Don’t you agree that people should pay the taxes if they buy properties abroad?

Yes of course I agree that people should pay taxes when they buy abroad – but does that exclude the locals WHO don’t pay those same taxes? As I said in the example I gave – of the people in my small community of which there are 22 dwellings, only 2 have a licence to operate as a tourist rental apartment – and both are Brits (one happens to be me) and the rest mostly are Spanish.

So is it ok for the Spanish to flout the law of the land (in their own land) and the Dutch Germans etc, but not the Brits.

Like I said – what is it that Brits have done to you to make you so anti Brits, and please don’t try to come across as holier than thou because your posts are very visible on this forum and very anti British. If you were in UK spouting off like you are about any other nation you’d probably be jailed for being a racist. And rightly so

So as I said in my previous post – perhaps you should engage brain before opening mouth – or letting fingers type away.