Reply To: It never rains til it pours



In the Valencia region you have to apply to the tourist office to get a licence and far from being difficult to get they are relatively straightforward. You have an inspection to show your house complies with tourism regulations (Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and other safety features such as pool safety etc). If it all stacks up you then pay your licence fee and are granted a licence.

Only in areas where there is a heavy hotel population are there any problems because naturally the local hoteliers association want exclusivity and they are a powerful body and tend not to want competition from private apartments.

As for it being only foreign owners who flout the law – what a complete and utter load of tosh. In my own little community of 14 adosados and 8 apartments, 7 dwellings are owned by foreigners and the rest are Spanish. Nearly all of them rent out in the Summer to tourists and none of them (as far as I am aware) have a tourist licence – bar 2 – both English.

Could this be – Ralita – you spouting off about dumb Brits yet again. Don’t know what Brits have done to upset you but it is clearly clouding any judgement you may have. Suggest you engage brain before opening mouth in future -or perhaps you are merely trying to start a flame war.