Reply To: Its the weekend – time for some humour


Thought this news item was worthy of the ‘humour thread’

The ex Mayor of Pego has entered prison
May 2, 2007

“Carlos Pascual was sentenced to six years for environmental crimes in the Pego-Oliva Wetlands Natural Park

The former Mayor of Pego, Carlos Pascual, arrived at the Picassent prison on Wednesday morning to complete his six year prison term for environmental crimes committed in the Pego-Oliva Wetlands Natural Park. The crimes took place between 1996 and 1998 and affected 600 hectares of the park, when water levels were depleted and vegetation was burnt off.

Pascual was also found guilty of assaulting the park’s manager, Vicente Urios, and was ordered to pay a fine of 7,920 €”.

and this is the punch-line………

“The court has turned down Pascual’s application for a pardon on grounds of ill health”……………

‘A pardon…’???
They really think the law is not for them, don’t they!
Next, it will be ex-Mayor of Marbella, Julián Muñoz (who has just started a hunger-strike) who will no doubt apply for a pardon because he’s hungry. 😯