Reply To: Spanish Real Estate Bubble bursts



Hi Claire
Thanks so much for your reply and trust me I agree with everything you say and with things as they are I would also jump at the chance to have my money back.
I like you bought Green Hills as a future place to retire in and in the meantime use it for holidays as I luv the area( better to have money in something that I can enjoy instead of Gordan Brown having a slice in a retirement fund.)
My nightmare with La Reserva I think I have covered in previous postings and lets say It wasnt intended at first to be an investment but perhaps I tried to kid myself it would be and it was either that or loose money that I was owed.
While I would luv to have my money back and in particular La Reserva I really do have to face facts that this may not happen and have no intention of beating myself over the head ,trust me in the begining I did just that.
I am on every single one of the sides of Suzanne,Goodstich 44 and everyone that deserves justice but as we have said I just take the reality route and if that turns in my favour like all I would be over the moon ,if not I will deal with it is ways I have mentioned.

Regards to you

Jokes ready for the weekend,tell hubby there are a couple of crakers

Jim 😀