Reply To: Trivial tale re. Lawyers/dinner parties



i think that’s where a good lawyer is vital, i would guess there is alot of lobbying from the developers to the courts to point out that some are just looking for a loophole in the contract for an excuse to ‘get out’, due to the current climate, and if you don’t have a good lawyer to put forward a very strong case, then i would think people will be even less likely to get the benefit of the doubt from a judge than a year or two ago, and reading posts on here, due to the Spanish err….system, i think the Spanish courts tend to be rather one sided against UK buyers at the best of times!!!!

Our situation is such a clear case of two huge breaches of contract (and that’s without the fact the development still has no LFO after 5 years and we were never given a BG!) that for a decision to go against us, could only be down to a judge with another motivation, rather than justice!