Reply To: Investing versus Enjoyment



I have just paid my deposit on an apartment at Alcazaba Hills. Having done a quite lot of research and I am happy with my choice.

I have just returned from a visit to CDS and seen Alcazaba Beach and La Alcazaba.

Francisco Leria took me to the new site and also showed me a recently completed home at phase 4 of Alcazaba Beach. He was helpful, honest and is a member of the Leria family who own the development company.

If the Alcazaba Hills development is anywhere as good as the other two developments they have completed, it will be fantastic. Both of the completed developments have a very good reputation and are held up as amongst the best on the CDS.

Alcazaba Hills is directly behind Estepona Golf on the other side of the motorway, look on Google maps, type in Estepona Golf and switch to satellite view.

On the downside, Alcazaba Hills is not a frontline beach development. It is up on the hill beyond the motorway overlooking Estepona. It is around 2 miles from the centre of Estepona, maybe a bit more.

The upsides are that it has a reputable developer who has delivered good build quality in the past . The distinctive part of past Leria developments has been the tropical garden they create for the development which are now regarded as the best garden environments on the CDS. It has good views of the sea looking towards Gibraltar and Estepona. It has mountain views behind and not much is being developed that side of the motorway.

The development is situated in its own valley with hills either side blocking out any developments that may come along in the future. Next valley along going west is the Valle Romano development. Next valley to the east houses the Dona Julio & Casares Golf developments.

I’m buying as a second home and not as an investment but I don’t really want to lose any of my hard earned cash either. On balance, I have chosen to proceed even though the overall market is flat or falling.

Anyway, I’m not really trying to be a salesman for the resort, I’m just trying to demonstrate I’ve done a proper bit of research.

Ive seen their other developments, visited the building site, met with the developer and taken other soundings from various other places.

Good luck with your search and decision