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Conclusion: British people need a much better education in economic and, especially, Mathematics.

Ralita, I’m taken aback that you come onto the forum today for the first time and are abusive. Another EA with too much time on their hands ❓ Pathetic! 🙄

What a great logic you have.

Everybody who dislikes stupid Brits with their borrowed money is an EA , right?

I have two friends who are teaching at Univ. in Barcelona and Valencia, they cannot afford to buy anything. Why? because some “investors” came and artificially increased the prices, by using funny money. The only chance for prosessors at Univ. in Spain to buy anything is that these Brits are badly burned and they will need to sell at 50% of the price they paid.
I am keeping my fiongers crossed for that to happen as soon as possible.

My prediction: prices in 2012 will be at 70% what they are now in good places and 40% in bad places.

My sincere apologies to some EA’s for putting you in the same category as this pathetic being.

Ralita, “Beware the green-eyed monster“! Instead of blaming other people (British people, no “funny money”…just hard earned money)…blame your own greedy native developers and corrupt government officials 🙄 .

Everybody who dislikes stupid Brits with their borrowed money is an EA , right?

Obviously not! 😆


The EA’s LOVE the British people with whatever money they have..however they got it. The more the merrier. Therein lies the problem.

I am not Spanish but I know many of my friends in Spauin cannot even go close to properties because their prices are so much over-inflated…

And sorry, not only Brits were with money, also Irish, Dutch and other Nordic coutries.

The problem is that the easy money is the most readily available in UK.
I give one example: Cape Verde. The italians and spaniards have run a wild speculation for about 10 years. Then they got stuck as nobody was willing to pay more. Then Brits got in and the speculation continues.

I know the same story in Fuerteventura where the Germans were inflating the prices till they reached a peak. Then Fuerteventura was heavily
advertised in UK and Brits replaced Germans.

I do not know the story in mainland Spain but I am sure it was the same.
Does anybody know any place where Brits were first and the came the others (Germans, Italians, etc)?