Reply To: Spanish Real Estate Bubble bursts



Brilliant post and a well deserved beer.
Maximus with regards with the potential problems you refered to as far as I am aware that didnt have seem much effect on London prices so hopefully thats a threat that may go away
Goodstich 44 😀 😯 😯 😯 😯
At last we have someting in common and I agree 100%with what you say as ALL of us want a slice of justice and have anyone involved in the scandle hung out to dry but we just need to consider the other side of the coin even if we choose not to turn it over.
100% agree that I hope the others looking in the new other countries that the sharks are now in have access to the internet so they hopefully will not make the same judgement as us (try not to say mistake)as we called it as we saw it,or thought we saw it?

Jim 😀 😀 😀