Reply To: Spanish Real Estate Bubble bursts


“i’m not talking about making mistakes by over borrowing or even speculating, as i said before, thats a gamble everyone takes at their own risk” Sheer stupidity I call it, if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t borrow for it.

“I’m talking obout the scum bags that are dishonest, lie, and cheat, to make a living.” You mean like Joe Public who swindles their motor insurance or DSS in UK and maybe then can afford to by a holiday home.
OK, they maybe “sharks”, but the purchaser in many cases has to accept some responsibility.

“Please dont put these people in the same bracket as decent hard working people who’s only mistake more often than not, was to trust one of these said scumbags” Perhaps some form of education is required for some, or do you believe that all should believe the estate agents, window salesman, motor salesman, in UK, with seeking independant advice, if they know nothing about it?

“I’m afraid your attitude of ‘tough luck if you get screwed by one of the sharks’ sounds not unlike the attitude of the low life i’m talking about” OK, your opinion, I say a realist, but if you believe me to be “a shark”, so be it.
I’ll let the employee I bailed out (one who has been caught) of your opinion on me.